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资助抗战老兵公益活动 The public benefit activities of helping veterans


The exhibition showed more than 80 works of xu feng.He guided by the contemporary Chinese painting master Dong shouping from the age of 20.Dong Shouping who admits as "painting and calligraphy masters" in the international art world, is regarded as the inheritance of traditional Chinese painting, out of the traditional painting and calligraphy masters. The exhibition which limit two works of him on display. His works Huangshan Yunfeng was collectioned by the State Council Organizational Affairs Bureau , and the major units of Beijing also collect.


Shuhua Yiersan that  supported excellent teacher Cheng Yuping  last time  won wide acclaim in the industry.the activity. Shuhua Yiersan helped three old revolutionary fighters for funding who had contribution for our country , and specially employed Xufeng as Yiersan charity ambassador, launch love shopping at the same time, build the calligraphy and painting characteristics of public welfare system.


Xu feng is not only a well-known painter, but also a well-known activist who has been involved in charity and public welfare for a long time, and has funded education, which supports children in yushu.He donated works which held for the reconstruction of wenchuan earthquake, the Asian games, the universiade and the Olympic Games.


One of the three is named Han choumao, who was born in 1919 and are 97 years old. He participated in the war against Japan on many occasions. Under the command of Peng dehuai, he participated in hundreds of battles in the battle of the northwest., got many awards.


Liang Lin guang, was born in 1933, is 83 years old. PLA soldiers have fought many times and returned to the countryside after liberation. Old and sick, life is difficult.


LuYun,was born in 1925, the 91 years old, army busboy, participated in the Anti-Japanese War and the liberation war.She rescued the wounded  many times in the war. Her second brother take part in the red army glorious sacrifice, her husband and children are all soldiers, all contributing to  troops construction.




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