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文化拥军公益活动 The public benefit activities of art in army


On July 11, at the coming of the August 1st army festival, to promote the cultural and ecological environment of the military camp, to realize artistic and cultural exchanges; For the army into the spirit of art power, the impregnation of barracks culture edification, Beijing chuxue culture communication co., LTD. (shuhua Yiersan), and Shanxi jin yun tang painting with a line of famous painting and calligraphy artists - "into the barracks, sharing culture, enjoying creation, a total of communication" in the public welfare activities in  xinzhou of Shanxi province that gained a complete success. This took concrete actions for the army and the upcoming  nineteenth of the communist party of China gift, promoted the cultural construction.


The creatition that artists painting at scene made the officers and soldiers close feeling culture charm and inspiration.And then artisits gave their paintings as gifts to them which made officers and men on the spot moved.Landscape character painter shi-xing Yang teacher was on the spot for a warrior painting portraits.


In this activity, Shuhua Yiersan bought hundreds of self-help books and donated them to the army, hoping to enrich the spirit and cultural life of the officers and soldiers.


It is reported that,Shuhua Yiersan uphold the public welfare to persist, to continue the principle, to help three old revolutionary fighters again who once got condolences and help from Shuhua Yiersan last year.


One of the three is named Han choumao, who was born in 1919 and are 97 years old. He participated in the war against Japan on many occasions. Under the command of Peng dehuai, he participated in hundreds of battles in the battle of the northwest., got many awards.


Liang Lin guang, was born in 1933, is 83 years old. PLA soldiers have fought many times and returned to the countryside after liberation. Old and sick, life is difficult.


LuYun,was born in 1925, the 91 years old, army busboy, participated in the Anti-Japanese War and the liberation war.She rescued the wounded  many times in the war. Her second brother take part in the red army glorious sacrifice, her husband and children are all soldiers, all contributing to  troops construction.




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